Plastic Niches

Gunite Plastic Niches– These plastic concrete niches are molded of high strength, corrosion resistant PVC with a one inch PVC hub. Both 45O and 3/4 in. reducer bushings are included. Gunite models feature rebar tie-backs and a plaster ring for clean, simple installations and all are packed with a gunite/plaster shield.

QuickNiche ™ Vinyl Liner Niche –One look at the QuickNiche is all it takes to see that this is a product that really lives up to its name. It is an easy-to-install, super-sealing light niche for vinyl liner pools. It features a revolutionary lock-ring design that mounts and seals like a vinyl inlet fitting fast, secure, and totally leak proof.

Featured Highlights

Gunite Plastic Niches:
Innovative cord sealgrommet (Accessory sold separately)
Large and small models
Rebar tie-backs
Plaster ring for secure sealing
Internal/external bondinglugs
High strength PVC construction
Rear one inch PVC hub
Includes 45° and 3/4 in.reducer bushings
Includes gunite/plastershield
Revolutionary design mounts and seals like a vinyl inlet fitting
No screws directly through the pool wall as with conventional vinyl niches
Designed for quick and easy, one-person installation
Rubber gasket overmolded on seal ring for superior sealing
Built-in current-collecting ring for maximum safety
Zero wall panel exposure
Fits standard niche panel
UL listed

Ordering Information

Product Description Carton Qty. Carton Wt. (Lbs.)
79206600 Small PVC niche, concrete 1 2
79206700 Large PVC niche, concrete 1 3
620004 QuickNiche ¹ 1 1
630043 QuickNiche blue seal ring 1 1
630044 QuickNiche gray seal ring 1 1
670044 Cord Seal Grommet Kit 3 1
60028300 Listed potting compound 1 0.325



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