Pentair IntelliZone Commercial Ozone System is the safest, most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant for use in multiple industrial and commercial applications. Combining ozone’s proven oxidation and sanitation power with traditional chlorine systems produces the clearest pool water possible.

Featured Highlights

Integrated Ozone Safety Management System
Powder-coated steel enclosure designed to NEMA-3R specifications for corrosion-free life
Operator interface for ease-of-use
Systems from 2-130 grams per hour
Significantly reduces chemical odors within enclosed pool areas
Decreases operational cost by reducing chlorine consumption up to 50%
No harmful by-products left behind
NSF standard 50 approved
UL listed

Ordering Information

Pool Size in Gallons¹ Part Number Generator Management System Part Number Management System²
0-4,999 521655 CD-2G 521866 MS-040-01
5,000-7,499 521656 CD-5G 521866 MS-040-01
7,500-14,999 521656 CD-5G 521866 MS-040-01
15,000-24,999 521658 CD-7GV 521867 MS-040-02
25,000-34,999 521659 CD-15GV 521868 MS-040-03
35,000-57,999 521659 CD-15GV 521868 MS-040-03
58,000-74,999 521660 CD-25GV 521869 MS-042-02
75,000-99,999 521660 CD-25GV 521869 MS-042-02
100,000-114,999 521661 CD-45GV 521869 MS-042-02
115,000-119,999 521661 CD-45GV 521870 MS-200-01³
120,000-150,000 521661 CD-45GV 521870 MS-200-01³


¹ For larger pools call for engineering assistance - 800-831-7133, ext. 8465
² Management System contains Contact Vessel or Kit, Injector Assembly, De-Gas Valve, Ozone Destruct and ORP Controller.
³ The MS-200-01 requires the 7-CT-200 tank (PN 521871) to be ordered separately.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
AVERTISSEMENT: Peut Causer le Cancer
et des Dommages au Système Reproducteur.
ADVERTENCIA: Cáncer y Daño Reproductivo.
P/N 200174.A


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