1 Position the BioShield UV Sterilizer after the pool filters so it receives solids-free water. This will ensure optimum Bio-Security against Recreation Water Illnesses such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia and E.Coli, while protecting the quartz sleeves and lamps from potential damage.
2 The NSF-50 certified BioShield UV Sterilizer vessel is equipped with various sensor ports (UV intensity and Water Over-Temperature Protection Sensors). All sensor ports are clearly labeled on the vessel based on their respective function. Additionally, the vessel is equipped with a 1/2" threaded drain port for installation of the Drain Valve Assembly.
3 For horizontal or vertical piping installation, it is recommended to install a piping bypass manifold(as shown) which will allow for BioShield UV Sterilizer removal from the filter-loop without disrupting water flow or filter operation. Isolation Valves are necessary for vessel removal and chemical cleaning procedure.
4 Always install BioShield UV Sterilizer's with the outlet port facing upward, allowing trapped air to escape. Trapped air can result in rupture or heat damage to the vessel.
5 Provide enough space around the electrical end of the BioShield UV Sterilizer to allow for easy removal of the UV lamp and quartz sleeves. A 46" clearance for CLP4 models and 76" clearance for CLP6 models is required.
6 Do not install or operate any UV system without thoroughly reading the operators manual.

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