First-Ever Dual-Fuel Heating Technology, delivering the fastest and most economical heating options.

The AHRI Certified ® Mark is applied only to HVACR equipment and components that have been independently tested to certify manufacturers’ performance claims are accurate. Visit www.ahridirectory.org for a complete list of certified products.

CEC indicates that Heat Pump has been evaluated to California Title-20, listed in the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) database of compliant heat pumps, and certified to use on Residential Swimming Pool Filtration Systems.

Featured Highlights

Gas-Fired functionality for quick heat-ups
TitanTough™ Direct-Fire Pure Titanium gas heat exchanger assurescorrosion-free performance for extra long life
93%thermalefficiencygasenginecoupledwithhighperformanceheat pump
Smart controls and space savings versus installing two separateunits, gas heater and heat pump
Automation ready with seamless interfacing with Pentair ControlSystems
Highefficiencydesign(fourselectablemodes:HeatPumponly,Gasonly, Hybrid, Dual)
In “Dual” mode the heater runs both the heat pump and gas heatersimultaneously for maximum heat output
In “Hybrid” mode the heater runs state-of-the-art programming logicto determine the fastest and most economical way to heat your poolbased on user input water temperature differential and time period
Dual internal water bypass assembly automatically adjusts for waterflowsupto120GPMwithouttheneedforanexternalwaterbypass

Ordering Information

#Black #Almond Model 80/80/80* BTU/COP 80/63/80* BTU/COP 50/63/80* BTU/COP Gas BTU Freq (Hz) Breaker Size (amp) Phase Volt Ctn Qty. Ctn Wt.
460970 460969 220K 108,000/5.8 100,000/5.6 70,000/4.0 110000 60 50 1 230 1 450


* Rating in accordance with ARI Standard 1160 (air temp. °F. / % relativehumidity / water temp °F.)
! CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. AVERTISSEMENT: Peut Causer le Cancer et des Dommages au Système Reproducteur. ADVERTENCIA: Cáncer y Daño Reproductivo. www.p65warnings.ca.gov.


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