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Algae-Gon Chlorine Tablet Holder
securely holds a standard tablet at the end of any pole to deliver direct surface application of chlorine to eliminate dark algae and other surface stains. Snap-adapt handle attaches to most poles.

Ordering Information

Product Model Description Carton Qty. Carton Wt. (Lbs.)
R07023 Replacement tip tool adapter for fiberglass poles Bulk
R22006 1125 Pole cap 1-1/8 in. poles Bulk
R22007 900 Pole cap 1-1/4 in. poles Bulk
R22025 White vinyl hand grip, 1 in. Bulk
R22054 White vinyl hand grip, 1-1/8 in. Bulk
R221036 145 Pole hangers, ABS with screws, 1 set per bubble pack card 24 5
R221042 143 Metal pole hangers, screws included, 1 set per bubble pack card 24 7
R221046 165 Hose hangers, ABS with screws 1 set per bubble pack card 24 8
R221054 167 Hose, pole, accessory hangers, large multi-purpose hangers hold vac hose, telepole, test kit, skimmer, brushes, etc., 1 set with screws per bubble pack card 12 12
542068 Algae-Gon chlorine tablet holder, snap-adapt handle attaches to telescopic pole 100
R221126 147 Pool pole adapters, 3 pieces per set with 6 brass, 1/4 in. x 1-3/4 in. bolts and wing nuts, bubble pack 24 15
R221136 147S Pool pole adapter, one piece with 2 sets of brass wing nuts and bolts, bubble pack 24 6
R221156 155 Brass bolt and wing nut Bulk
R221166 155 Brass bolt and wing nut, 6 sets per bubble pack 12
R191206 801 White ABS, assembled, 1-1/4 in. brass screw, cam fits most 1-1/8 in. OD drawn and welded tubing, sleeve fits 1-1/4 in. OD Bulk
R191216 801 No. 801 Cam, bubble pack 12
R191256 803 Metal cam die cast aluminum with white ABS sleeve, unassembled with 1/4-28 x 1 in. SS hex bolt, cam fits 1-1/8 in. OD drawn tubes, sleeve fits 1-1/4 in. OD, bubble pack 12
R191296 806 E-Z Lock cam for aluminum poles, unassembled complete with glue and instructions, bubble pack 12
R191302 807 E-Z Lock cam for fiberglass poles, unassembled complete with glue and instructions, bubble pack 12


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