The chemistry behind the iChlor Salt Chlorine Generator makes it so simple to use—just add salt to generate all the chlorine your pool needs. Our smart technology provides built-in intelligence for unmatched convenience and control.

Featured Highlights

Ability to operate at lower flow rates (20 GPM)
Adjust sanitizing level in one-percent increments from 1-100%
Real-time data for fast and easy monitoring
Electronics are isolated in the cell away from high-heat components —for longer electronic component life
SmartSense™ Flow Detection*, assesses status of the IntelliFlo® Pump before generating chlorine
SmartSense Cover Detection*¹, reduces chlorine output when automatic pool cover is closed
Choose from two model sizes based on pool capacity in gallons
Indoor/Outdoor, vertical/horizontal installation
115/230V 50/60Hz Power Center

Ordering Information

Product Description Chlorine Per 24 Hours Carton Qty. Carton Wt. (Lbs.)
523009 iChlor 30 Cell Only-Retail 1.0 Lbs 1 6
523010 iChlor 15 Cell Only-Retail 0.6 Lbs 1 6
523080 iChlor 15 PWR PCK 110-Bundle 0.6 Lbs 2 11
523081 iChlor 30 PWR CTR Bundle 1.0 Lbs 2 20
523108 iChlor 30 Cell Only-Canada 1.0 Lbs 1 6
523109 iChlor 15 PWR PCK Bundle-Canada 0.6 Lbs 2 11


Product Description Carton Qty. Carton Wt. (Lbs.)
523100 Kit-Flow Switch-iChlor Replacement 1 1
523101 Kit-iChlor Adaptor (makes iChlor a direct drop in for IntelliChlor 1 2
523102 Kit-iChlor Spacer (replaces cell allowing hydraulic system to run) 1 2
523103 Kit-Acid Wash - Stand 1 2
523104 Kit-iChlor 180 Degree Face Label 1 0.25
523216 Kit- PCBA Upgrade - PC100 - Cover Kit 1 1


* Only available on iChlor 30 (1.0) models
¹ Requires separately purchased iChlor Cover Kit. Please refer to your pool cover manufacturer for additional instructions.
! CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. AVERTISSEMENT: Peut Causer le Cancer et des Dommages au Système Reproducteur. ADVERTENCIA: Cáncer y Daño Reproductivo. P/N 200174.A www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

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